Our Story

Watoto Wa Dunia grew out of an international group of volunteers who were first involved in founding the CREDO Children's Centre in Kiaragana, Kenya in 1997, which focused on civil rights education. Through our experiences supporting and operating the center, we have developed a deep understanding of the issues facing Kenya, East Africa and the world today. In response to these issues, Watoto Wa Dunia was founded to provide opportunities to marginalized and vulnerable women and children, particularly those living with HIV/AIDS. When Geoffrey started Watoto Wa Dunia, he envisioned a Women and Children Empowerment Center that would provide micro-enterprise, food security, and health-related home care for these vulnerable populations.


  • Watoto Wa Dunia was founded in 1999.
  • In 2001, we because fully tax exempt under IRS code 501(c)3.
  • By the end of 2001, we had sponsored our first batch of children, 12 total.\
  • In 2002 we sponsored 18 new children with our child sponsorship program, and our Advisory Council was formed in Nairobi.
  • In 2004, we received a $5000 gift, which made possible the purchase of land in Kenya and the construction of the Women and Children's Empowerment Center. We opened an office in Nairobi, and registered the organization with the Kenyan government under the name "Muungano wa Wanawake na Watoto wa Kenya" (Unity of Women and Children).
  • In 2006, a windmill was installed to create electricity for the kitchen and chicken coop. 
  • In 2007, an orphanage was constructed for the children from the surrounding villages. 
  • In 2010, JECK and Watoto Wa Dunia partnered to construct toilets in the Kibera slum and construction of the Widow’s Clinic was started.