Africa had been a life long dream of mine

African TreeAfrica had been a life long dream of mine, but school, children, and job commitments always seemed to take center stage in my life until at age 60, I was laid off from my job. Suddenly, I had time on my hands and a nice 6 month severance package. The first thing I thought of was...Africa! Having done some pro bono work for Watoto wa Dunia a year or so earlier, I knew that they were planning a second Volunteer Camp and I was determined to go. Dealing with shots and passports and mosquito nets and first aid supplies just made it all the more exciting.

When I arrived in Nairobi, Kenya the over head speaker was playing Willie Nelson's Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain. I knew I was in exactly the right place! Customs was a simple affair once you said you were there "volunteering". After a day in Nairobi to catch up on sleep and jet lag we were finally on our way to Kisayani. A four hour overland trip by Matatu. A matatu is any moving vehicle that transports people and their stuff...from luggage to produce to goats. And we had all three! One thing to remember about matatus is that they are never full...there is always room for more, Before we arrived at our destination, our 9 passenger van held 17 adults, 2 babies on laps, 2 goats and a couple of crates of chickens up on top!

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