Women and Children's Community Empowerment Village

Empowerment VillageThe Women and Children's Empowerment village located in Kibwesi district in Kenya is an exciting collaboration with Watoto wa Dunia, Ndiwa Widows Women's Group, and many other non-profits and government agencies is currently under construction.

The center is scheduled to open some time in 2005 and will be home to 40 children, microenterprise and community gathering space, as well as providing volunteer and cultural exchange, and education to the entire community. This joint venture will be operated by both Watoto wa Dunia and Ndiwa Widows Women's Group.

We are currently raising money build and operate the center for the first two years. After which, we expect the center to become self sufficient, and although we will not send a great deal of money to the center, we will maintain a strong personal with the women and children, and continue to develop our volunteer, cultural and educational programs at the center.