Volunteers are the heart of Watoto wa Dunia. We have many volunteer opportunities available both in Portland and in Kenya.

In Portland, we need volunteers to teach multi-cultural and photojournalism lessons and/or to assist with website development, graphic arts, grant-writing and fundraising. Please contact us to obtain a volunteer application. In Kenya, we are looking for people with medical training to volunteer at clinics and work on health issues with rural communities.

Volunteer Testimonial

I was immediately captured by WWD's completely grassroots approach. I was inspired by the story of WWD's history: its expansion from an idea to a small project to a successful organization that is still blossoming. Members and volunteers form a supportive community; they have personal relationships with each other as well as with the children and families in Kenya that are being sponsored. In the busy world that I live in, I love working with people as people, on a personal level. The stories of the children in Kenya are more real to me because I hear them from people who have met them.

I enjoy volunteering with WWD for many reasons. When I volunteer here, I'm immersed in Kenyan and African culture-listening to music in Kiswahili, learning about Kenyan food and clothing, reading about issues that children in Kenya face. Aside from the cultural experience, I like that I can exercise my talents. There is a great variety of tasks to work on, and members have catered my time to suit my interests. It's not monotonous-there's often something different to do.

Katie Songer, Volunteer of the Year