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We hope to open an online store soon to showcase and make available many of the products produces in our various programs.

Documentary 2 | What We Don't Learn from Our Mothers We Learn from the World

This a 21 minute documentary produced in 2005 that specifically focuses on the women's groups that we are working with in Kenya. This video explores the issues facing the two women's groups we work with (one in the slum and one in a village) in great detail. It connects the issues of AIDS, drought, and urban renewal with experiences of poor people in the US as well. This video contains interviews with the women themselves talking about their challenges and the solutions that they are working on with Watoto wa Dunia. It also contains footage from our Annual Meeting in 2004, and speaks to how the American branch of Watoto wa Dunia is working with the Kenyan branch. The handcrafts of JECK women's group are featured, and the children of the slum perform a poem entitled "Oh AIDS!".

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Documentary 1 | Education is Just the Beginning

This is a 25 minute video that we produced in 2003. It shows how we began, what we were currently working on at the time, and our vision for the future. The video begins with our child sponsorship program and contains interviews with children in the program who speak about the impact it has had on their lives. Then it moves to the micro-finance program and frames some of the issues of urban poverty in Nairobi. It talks about the reasons we moved from sponsorship to microfinance. Finally, it shows footage from Kisayani, Kenya where we are planning on building the empowerment village. There are interviews with female government officials in Kisayani who endorse our project and with a doctor who talks about the challenges of malaria and AIDS in the area.

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